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The Quad Living Learning Community

The Quad LLC provides BIPOC students a space to connect, make cultural ties and find academic support. Residents participate in exclusive events and activities around engagement, academics, personal development and service.

Where will I live?

Bennett Tower

Benefits of Living in the Quad

Live in an environment that fosters unity among BIPOC students. As a member of this LLC, you will:

  • Be surrounded by Black and Hispanic/Latino students in a supportive, academic-focused living-learning community that eases your transition to college.
  • Focus on self-development and exploration beyond race and ethnicity which will allow you to self-identify your needs and how you present yourself self to the world.
  • Participate in events and activities centered around Cultural Connections, Engagement, Academics and Service.
  • Gain study skills, learn about WVU resources and stay engaged.
  • Build connections with other students, staff members and faculty who are passionate about empowering BIPOC communities at WVU.
  • Prepare yourself for success and persistence from your first days on campus all the way to graduation.

How do I apply?

The Quad LLC is open to all BIPOC students at WVU. For more information about the Quad LLC, contact Niara Campbell.

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